Sarah C. Burns

The Carson River

A Brief Word About Sarah?

Sarah Chloe Burns is more than a teaching historian and published writer. She has utilized her extensive research to find answers to some of today's most pressing problems.

Ms. Burns has been called upon to participate in academic think tanks which address some of the most important social issues of the day?human rights, gender and race relations, and social justice policies. As she has pursued her passion?studying history from the purview of culture, class and gender?Sarah has found answers to some of life's most pressing political, humanitarian and spiritual quandaries. How can her research assist you?

Employers/Corporations: You may find the problem of employee output or retention impedes your business success. Have you created systems for employee success and reward which boost your overall success? Are you afraid to admit that problems of race or gender have created an uncooperative work environment? Perhaps you need an objective eye, to get to the root of your employee interaction?or even your employer/employee relationships. Why remain in this quagmire? Sarah creates presentations tailor made to motivate every member of an organization to work together harmoniously, for mutual benefit.

Individuals: If you have faced repeated barriers in your chosen profession and have found it difficult to focus beyond the current crisis, you may need assistance in the area of discovering that ?one thing? which you are uniquely suited to do better than anyone else. You may need mentoring to overcome the negative practices which persistently hold you down.

Writers: Sarah is an accomplished academic, motivational and fictional writer. She has published scholarly articles , contributed articles to two motivational books , and has created an historic fiction (currently in its second edition). For the business world, she has crafted detailed Business Plans (required in qualifying for business loans). Do you have a message you need to share with the world, but have difficulty putting it on the written page? You may need to call upon Sarah for her copywriting or ?ghost writing? abilities.

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